EVRIWEAR is the manufacturer of an EVRI, a multi-functional headwear bandanna. An EVRI is what it says – you can easily wear it everywhere. From wearing it over or around your head, there are certainly more uses with an EVRI by EVRIWEAR than nearly any one bit of clothing in your cupboard. EVRIWEAR can actually be worn in twelve alternative ways and you might even discover more techniques to use an EVRI by EVRIWEAR.

So what is an EVRI precisely:
- tube like scarf knitted as one piece with no seems
- the material is micro polyester
- the weight per unit is 34 grams
- 50cm high
- 26cm wide
- elastic across the width
- colour fast once sublimated
- can be worn in more ways than one
evriwear way to wear

Apart from being worn in various ways you'll find that EVRIWEAR is very comfortable and offer protection against the elements in more ways than one. Regardless of whether you're busy with a recreational activity, sporting event or wearing one during a night out on the town, you will be in style and protected all of the way.


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