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EVRIWEAR is the future for learning institutions, especially in these tough economic times that we are living in.

Have you ever wondered how you can buy one product that can replace several others whilst keeping in line with strict school dress code rules? You have to look no further - EVRIWEAR will replace more than one piece of school uniform accessory.

The following applications of EVRIWEAR will replace or implement wear into your dress code:
- Beanie
- Head sweatband
- Wrist sweatband
- Neck warmer
- Scarf
- Balaclava
- Hair Band
- Ponytail elastic decoration

One great product, EVRIWEAR, that could replace all of these products that you have to buy individually.

Not only will it have a financial implication for parent but with your order of EVRIWEAR multifunctional head and body wear you will be able to:
- Standard dresscode
- Fund raising for the institution or group of learners through the sales of EVRIWEAR
- Supporters at sporting events wearing EVRIWEAR

We are sure you will be able to think of more ways than what we have mentioned in how you will be able to use EVRIWEAR.

Go to ORDER EVRIWEAR and see how we can help you.